Susan J Marcus, LCSW, HHC
Therapy, counseling and coaching to help you to thrive

Greenwich, CT
(203) 531-3327


The name, Life Works, sums up my philosophy as a healer.
I believe we are brilliantly designed to experience wonder and to heal from hardship.


My goal with each client is to assist you on your unique journey to emotional peace and physical wellbeing. 
That may mean:


• Find a new career direction

• Heal your current relationship

• Manage stress or anxiety

• Enhance health and wellness

• Resolve trauma

• Bring balance to your life


To achieve this goal, I bring a diverse skill set and broad training from which to tailor our work to your specific needs.  As a Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW) and a Certified Holistic Health Coach (HHC), I begin by providing a thoughtful and caring environment for Adolescents, Adults and Couples. We can use traditional Psychotherapy, EMDR, Hypnosis and Life or Health Coaching.  Please read further for a discussion of how we can use each in our work together.

I generally offer sessions in an inviting office space in Greenwich, Connecticut, with easy access from Westchester County, New York.


Please feel free to reach out to me with questions or to schedule an appointment.



Call Susan J Marcus at: 203.531.3327